Johnny's Uchiwa Sale!

Hi!!! I'm selling my collection of uchiwas (most of them Arashi's Jun Matsumoto), also mini uchiwas and some arashi/johnny's stuff I have because I'm moving out and I can't take them with me T.T

Batch #1

Some of these have the plastic broken or they have a few cracks. US$17 each.

Kis-my-ft2 tour 2011 uchiwa SOLD

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Payment method: Paypal or Wester Union.

If you want a closer picture of the item or have any question, you can email me to

I'm back!

 I'm sorry that I'm not updating my blog like I used to but with work and this been my last year at college is been really hard for me to have some time to write here, but I really will write often from now on so pls, again, yoroshiku~
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Lady Otaku escribe sobre Arashi // Lady Otaku writes about Arashi

Angela Espinoza (Lady Otaku) es una conocida periodista de RPP, uno de los medios más importantes de Perú.
En su blog ella escribe sobre la influencia japonesa en nuestro país, en esta ocasión escribió un artículo sobre ARASHI.

Angela Espinoza (Lady Otaku) is a well-known journalist of RPP, one of the most important media in Perú.
In her blog she writes about the japanese influence in Perú and this time, she wrote an article about ARASHI. The article is in spanish.

Aquí el enlace // Link here



Arashi no Koe

Arashi no Koe is a group of peruvian fangirls that united to form a group to sing Arashi's songs, their first performance was in an Event named Yappa Karaoke!

IMG 021 
Arashi no Kore es un grupo de fans peruanas que se unierón para formar un grupo e interpretar las canciones de Arashi, su primera presentación fue en un evento llamado Yappa Karaoke.